HOW TO get TO BORACAY FROM KALIBO flight terminal

Last updated: JUNE 6, 2019.

Aside from the sensational landscapes as well as seascapes, one thing that is going for Boracay is its accessibility. This tropical paradise may be in one far-off nook in the Visayas, however it is fairly simple to reach. No long hours of land travel, no bumpy roads, as well as no uneasy rides. thanks to the progressively organized system of transportation both in Kalibo as well as Caticlan.

The past few years have likewise seen a number of extra flights particularly by means of Kalibo. Some airlines now offer direct flights from China, Korea as well as Singapore, bypassing Manila. They paved a lot more methods for a lot more tourists to quickly set foot on one of the very best island destinations in the world.

Hvad er dækket af denne vejledning?

1. Make your method to Caticlan Jetty Port.Option A: By regional Bus
Option B: By direct Bus / Van
Option C: By Packaged Van / Bus Transfer

2. Board a boat or ferry to Boracay.
3. Take a tricycle or multicab to your hotel.
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1. Make your method to Caticlan Jetty Port.

If you’re coming from Kalibo Airport, you have lots of choices to reach Boracay. Kalibo flight terminal is located just 2 hours from Boracay, which isn’t that bad, thinking about that the drive is quite smooth. Vans run faster, often reaching Caticlan in less than 1.5 hours. Whatever you choose, the very first step is always to get to Caticlan Jetty Port, which is the jump off point to the island.

Option A: By regional Bus

This is the least expensive option. Unlike the buses at the flight terminal which caters to tourists, this bus is what the locals utilize to get to Caticlan. Hence, it is much cheaper.

At Kalibo Airport, trip a tricycle to the bus terminal in the Kalibo town Proper.

At the terminal, board the Ceres bus bound for Caticlan. travel time: 1.5-2 hours.

Bus Fare: P120.

Option B: By direct Bus / Van

This is the simplest method to reach Caticlan. At Kalibo Airport, there are buses as well as vans that can take you directly to Caticlan Jetty Port.

Don’t confuse these with the agency-organized transfers that are commonly packaged with the ferry or boat ticket as well as other fees, which are a bit on the costly side. We’ll go over this in the next section.

Fare: P200

Option C: By Packaged Van / Bus Transfer

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to do the transfers on your own, a great choice is to book a packaged transfer service. aside from the comfortable transfer from Kalibo flight terminal to Caticlan, you will likewise be guided with the often confusing process at the jetty port.

The cost is a bit higher however it already includes the following:

Van or bus fare from Kalibo flight terminal to Caticlan Jetty Port

Hotel transfer

Boat ticket

Terminal Fee

Environmental Fee

Insurance supplied by operator

This is excellent for those traveling to Boracay for the very first time as well as traveling with youngsters or elderly.

You’ll see lots of choices at the airport’s arrival area, however you can book them on Klook as well for only P490 (van) or P480 (bus).

✅ RESERVE BUS transfer HERE!


2. Board a boat or ferry to Boracay.

At Caticlan Jetty Port
At Caticlan Jetty Port, you’ll discover tents set up outside the building. Here’s what you requirement to do, step by step.

Look for the Registration area as well as autumn in line. You’ll then be asked to compose down your name on a logbook. This is utilized to screen the number of tourists checking out Boracay.

Proceed to the Verification Area. Here, you’ll requirement to present proof of accommodations or hotel booking. Remember, if you’re costs at least one night in the island, hotel booking is REQUIRED.

Pay the fees. proceed to the repayment windows. choose whether you want to take the more affordable pumpboat or the bigger however pricier Oyster Ferry, where you’ll requirement to clear up the following: terminal charge (P100), environmental charge (P75), as well as boat fare (your choice: pump boat P25-30 or oyster ferry P100). You’ll clear up all these at when however you’ll be provided separate receipts.

Enter the port building. You’ll have to go with a safety check. proceed to the traveler Waiting area as well as wait on boarding.

When it’s time for boarding, discover your boat as well as queue up. travel time is 10-15 minutes.

3. Take a tricycle or multicab to your hotel.

You will be taken to Cagban Port or Tambisaan port.

Either way, you will discover tricycles waiting on passengers in the area. They can take you to your hotel or resort in White beach for P120-P150 per ride.

You can likewise trip a multi-cab to the station area for P40 per person.


For driving directions, this map is your guide!

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