If I ever doubted the popularity of Boracay (which I didn’t), it swiftly evaporated as soon as I walked along White Beach. It was midweek of an off-peak season, yet this side of the island was packed to the edge. never mind the temperamental weather. never mind the gloomy, un-postcard-friendly skies. Beach-goers swarmed around the shore like worker bees drawn in to some kind of tropical pheromones. The culprit, Queen B.

Boracay is on a roll. It has been for decades now. In 2010 alone, Boracay registered nearly 780,000 vacationer arrivals. That’s three years ago! A great deal has occurred since. Airlines have added lots of new flights in as well as out of Kalibo worldwide Airport, the nearest major gateway other than Caticlan. outside the country, a number of worldwide travel authorities have hailed Boracay as one of the very best beaches in the world. Undoubtedly, Boracay stays one of the most prominent beach destinations in the country.

Boracay has been criticized for overcrowdedness as well as hypercommercialism. lots of other beach destinations have been found as well as made a lot more accessible, each catering to their own niche: Malapascua for chasing sharks, Coron for seeking wrecks, Calaguas for camping retreats, CamSur for extreme sports. however Boracay… Boracay has something for everyone.

If Queen Boracay has been calling as well as you believe it’s time to take heed, right here are 15 of the activities awaiting you in her white-girdled, sparkling lair.

Hvad er dækket af denne vejledning?

1. Island Hopping
2. diving diving
3. Parasailing
4. Paraw sailing
5. Standup Paddling
6. Fly Fish
7. Cliff Diving
8. Zorb as well as Zipline
9. ATV Ride
10. Mermaid Swimming
11. beach Sports
12. Food Trip
13. Sunset Watching
14. Massage!
15. Firedancers, clubs, parteeeeeeeh!

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1. Island Hopping

One of the most prominent activities in Boracay. hire a boat for a half-day excursion around the island’s lots of beaches including Puka Beach, Crocodile Beach, as well as Tambisaan Beach. excursions normally include lunch!

Boracay has at least 12 beaches!
Rates: P1000 to P3500 per boat, depending upon the size of the boat as well as whether it is height season or off-peak

Where to book: Ask the personnel of your hotel, for they definitely understand a get in touch with or two. If not, you can head for White beach as well as inspect out the lots of excursion booths.

More beaches here: The 12 beaches of Boracay.

2. diving diving

Because above-the-surface can get tiring to some! There are over 15 dive sites around Boracay waters, all waiting on your curious presence. Be blown away by a trove of corals, underwater tunnels, caves, as well as other fascinating spots!

Rates: A 3-4 hour beginner program with 1 dive costs around P3500. If you already have your PADI Certification, a fun dive costs around P1600.

Where to book: A number of PADI diving centers are found in White Beach. Try WaterColors Dive resort or success Divers.

3. Parasailing

Zoom on a speedboat off Bulabog beach as well as then soar high above the island! get a amazing view while you’re at it. Don’t fail to remember to bring a cam since the boat personnel are normally skilled in taking photos of overwhelmed (and dizzy) flying tourists!

So this is exactly how it feels to be a kite…
Rates: P750 to P2500 per person, depending upon exactly how lots of you are in the group, as well as exactly how well you haggle. You can even push it lower during off height season! just keep in mind that it’s a lot more costly if you’re doing it solo!

Where to book: diamond Watersports at White beach station 1 (+63 36 288 6621, +63 36 288 6681).

More about my experience here: Parasailing in Boracay

4. Paraw sailing

Sailing old school! A paraw is an outrigger boat with two sails. get onboard, manage it like you manage a few of your friends, as well as let the wind take you to the very best sites as well as sights around the island. finest done during sunset.

Wind, take meeee!
Rates: P1000-P1500 per person, depending upon exactly how lots of you are in the group.

5. Standup Paddling

Because being seated is so overrated. LOL. “You don’t requirement to be a skilled surfer—at least not yet—to maneuver a standup paddle board,” states Nikka Corsino of Two2Travel. “White Beach’s placid as well as shallow waters on a fine day make this activity best for beginners.”

Because being seated is so passe.
Rates: Board rental with lessons are around P300 to P500 per hour.

Where to book: Paddlesurf Boracay at Obama Grill at station 1, or at Funboard center Boracay at Bulabog Beach.

6. Fly Fish

An exhilarating trip that is not for the faint-hearted! trip a gigantic inflatable fish as well as get pulled along by a speedboat! It’s one hell of a bumpy (sometimes bouncy) trip that is best for barkadas. Hang on to your spirit tight, for you may leave it behind! Not suggested to 18yo as well as below.

Hang on tight!
Rates: P550-P600 per person

Where to book: Diamond Watersports at White beach station 1

7. Cliff Diving

A preferred among the adventurous. Leap off a cliff as well as make a huge sprinkle in the cerulean waters below! Ariel’s point has five cliff diving platforms, with the greatest at 13 meters. “The lower ones at 7 meters, 6 meters, 5 meters, as well as 3 meters,” according to their website. “Guests who like not to jump from any type of of the platforms can utilize our floating dock to go into the water.”

Rates: P1,600 per person, however this expense is really for a bundle that includes “a round-trip outrigger ride, BBQ lunch buffet, merienda (afternoon snacks), unrestricted drinks, full utilize of Ariel’s point amenities as well as services (cliff-diving, canoes, kayaks, snorkeling gear, as well as floating raft), as well as protection of regional environmental as well as snorkeling fees.”

Where to book: Boracay beach Club, station 1. You may likewise contact 63 (036) 288 6770.

8. Zorb as well as Zipline

You understand the drill! You get inside a gigantic bubble, it rolls down a hill with you in it, as well as you’re taken to a spin! Or, zipline from 80 feet above sea level down to the beach. (If you’ve tried other ziplines, you may discover this 300-m trip underwhelming, though.)

Down the line!
Rates: Zorb, P400-500; Zipline, P700

Where to book: Zorb Park, Yapak (+639279085191); Zipline Boracay, Fairways & Bluewater  (+639297037599)

9. ATV Ride

Drive to the island’s greatest peak, Mt. Luho! Don’t expect terrains as difficult as that around Mayon Volcano, however if you haven’t tried this before, this is best for your ATV debut!

ATV Patrol!
Rates: P800-P1000 per unit

10. Mermaid Swimming

The one activity in Boracay that I’m terrified to try. (I may like it as well much!) “The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy uses monofin swimming lessons with a special twist—students get to wear not just monofins, however likewise mermaid tails,” Nikka Corsino of Two2Travel says. “More than the cool gear though, monofin swimming is a excellent workout as well as training for complimentary diving for all ages.”

Image courtesy of www.philippinemermaidswimmingacademy.com
Rates: P1500 for an introductory course. minimum of 3pax.

Where to book: Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, +63 917 324 3947

11. beach Sports

Get your spheres prepared as well as bring them to Boracay! Whether you’re into beach volleyball or soccer, you’ll discover the large bed of sand in Boracay the best playground.

Beach football!

12. Food Trip

We understand you’re most likely working our so difficult to get that best beach body, however prepare to state goodbye to it immediately. Boracay is a best pigging out paradise! “With so lots of restaurants to select from, every meal in Boracay may be a hit-and-miss affair, shares Nikka. “It’s extremely simple to autumn prey to beachfront displays, buffet promos, as well as even complimentary dinners.”

So vibrant as well as yummmeh.
Where to Eat: 11 restaurants to try in Boracay

13. Sunset Watching

Det er vidunderligt. as well as it’s FREE!


14. Massage!

Here’s a challenge. walk the entire length of White beach as well as count the number of massage locations along the way. No, don’t do that. It’s rather stressful provided exactly how lots of of them exist. however if you’re already stressed out to begin with, hit one of their beach-side beds as well as get a kicking back message.

Rates: P300 to P500 per hour

Where to book: Anywhere at White Beach

15. Firedancers, clubs, parteeeeeeeh!

It’s that a person thing Boracay has that a lot of other regional beach destinations don’t — the celebration vibe! wait up until the dark takes over as well as the island transforms into a gigantic outside club — loud, vibrant, as well as intoxicating. get a drink, make new friends, as well as dance the night away.

For a listing of the island’s clubs as well as bars with information on price, type of music, as well as opening hours, inspect out this publish by Boracay Compass: Boracay Nightlife Guide.

Or if that’s not your thing, you can always enjoy the firedancers entertain the crowd in lots of areas along the beach.


I had always wondered why Boracay was this loved. It never occurred to me up until I was already there. As I walked by the beach, I might not assist noticing the diversity of the bees drawn in to the Queen. By the berm were kids building sand castles; under the shade were their parents keeping an eye on them as well as the other on the view. On the far, a lot more laid-back side were solo travelers enjoying the water; on the other, groups of urbanites all prepped up for a late-night party.

It’s not just the fine sand. It’s not just the sunset. It’s not just the partying. It is the nearly limitless variety of activities that keeps the swarm coming back. Boracay has something for nearly everyone. as well as nearLy alle kan bare ikke få nok.

Sådan kommer du til Boracay: Fra Manila, Flyve til Kalibo eller Caticlan. Hvis Kalibo, tag en bus eller varevogn (P200) på flyveterminalen til Caticlan Port Port. Betal terminalafgiften (P100), Miljøafgift (P75), samt færgepris (P25). Bestyr færgen til Boracay. Hvis Caticlan, bare tag en trike til Caticlan Jetty Port samt overholde de samme trin.

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