When traveling, one of the most important things we want to understand is the weather condition in our destination. A great deal of things depend upon this like what type of clothes you would pack or wear as well as what activities to include in your itinerary. This is why the degree sign is one of the signs that we commonly encounter as travelers.

As travel blog writers who commonly discuss the very best times to see a destination, we commonly requirement to compose temperatures. You would believe that we’ve always understood exactly how to type the degree symbol. however we have a confession to make. Up up until today, we didn’t. most of the time, we just dodge or work around it by spelling out the word degrees.

We figured, We’re most likely not the only ones who don’t understand exactly how to type this sign easily. So to assist out people like me with this, we decided to produce a HOW-TO series, which tackles exactly how to type the trickiest characters as well as signs that we usually encounter. as well as yes, we’re starting with the degree symbol. Or °. Se? I discover fast.

Whether you’re team Celcius or Fahrenheit, here’s exactly how you can type the degree sign depending upon what gadget you’re using. We’re likewise including keyboard shortcuts.

Hvad er dækket i denne vejledning?

iPhone & iPad (iOS)
Android Phone
Windows laptop or DesktopUsing Numeric Keypad
Using the character Map

Mac (Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac)
Microsoft WordWord on Windows
Word on Mac

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iPhone & iPad (iOS)

When utilizing an iphone or any type of iOS device:

Press as well as hold 0 (zero). This should make the degree sign appear above it as an option.

Slide your finger to choose the degree symbol.

Android Phone

Typing the degree sign on Android is easy.

Go to the numbers as well as signs on your keyboard.

Find the degree sign °.

Windows laptop or Desktop

There are a few methods exactly how you can go into the degree sign on a windows computer or laptop. Her er hvordan:

Using Numeric Keypad

If you’re utilizing a desktop computer or laptop with a keyboard that has a numeric keypad: hold the Alt key as well as press 248 on your numeric keypad. You may likewise hold the Alt key as well as type 0176. note that you have to turn on the num lock key to be able to utilize the numeric keypad. To quickly remember, right here are the keyboard shortcuts:

Alt + 248

Alt + 0176

Using the character Map

If your keyboard doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you may input the degree sign by utilizing the character map.

Search for character Map on the browse box on your task bar.

Open the character Map.

Look for the degree sign °. If you’re having a difficult time finding it, you can browse it by ticking the box next to advanced view as well as typing in “degree” on the browse box.

Double click the degree sign ° to choose as well as click Copy.

Paste (Ctrl+V) it on where you mean to utilize the degree sign °.

Mac (Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac)

To insert the degree sign when utilizing Mac, press the shift + choice + 8 secrets on your keyboard.

This likewise works on MS Word on Mac.

Microsoft Word

Word on Windows

There are several methods you can type the degree sign when utilizing Microsoft Word. If you’re utilizing MS Word on a Windows computer:

Press as well as hold Ctrl + shift + 2 then release, then press the area bar.

Type 00B0 (zero zero B zero) as well as then press Alt + x.

Use the sign menu.

HOW TO utilize THE sign MENU:

On the Insert tab, click Symbol.

Click the more signs option. A dialog box with a choice of signs you can utilize will appear.

Locate the degree sign as well as click it to select. Then, click Insert.

After utilizing the degree symbol, you should now see it on the listing of just recently utilized signs when you open the signs menu.

Word on Mac

Simply press the shift + choice + 8 secrets on your keyboard.

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