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Palau is an island in the South Pacific as well as is commonly overlooked in favor of Fiji, Bora Bora, or the cook Islands. The archipelago is house to over 500 remote tropical islands, making Palau a excellent destination if you are looking for a nice, beautiful, as well as peaceful escape.

One of the most incredible things about Palau is that it is house to an outstanding Jellyfish Lake. Not surprisingly, this is one of Palau’s most famous attractions. Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake found on Eil Malk Island. Every day, millions of golden jellyfish migrate across the lake. While they do this, you can go swimming with them!

Swimming with the jellyfish was really prohibited in recent years, as the jellyfish population was in decline. However, as of 2019, the jellyfish numbers are on the increase as well as swimming with them has been reopened.

Jellyfish Lake is around 12,000 years old. It’s a remnant of the last ice age where, during that time, the sea level increased to the point where sea water began to fill the basin. however when the glaciers receded, there was no location for these jellyfish or other fish to go. This isolation enabled the types in the lake to establish on their own as well as ended up being unique (Darwin would be proud!).

In 2005, there were around 30 million jellyfish in the lake, though that number was in decline for many years. By 2016, there were almost none.

Fortunately, there are now around 700,000 jellyfish back in the lake as well as scientists are optimistic about the numbers continuing to grow.

So, exactly how is it possible to swim with these jellyfish? will you get stung? Well, this specific types of jellyfish has evolved without their stingers. The jellyfish in the lake online on algae that are connected to them. twice each day, the jellyfish in the lake swim from one side to the other so they algae they online off of can grow.

Since they online off of algae, they don’t requirement their stingers to catch prey. That means that you can swim with them as well as not concern about getting stung.

You’ll be able to swim for hours with these creatures as they migrate from one side of the lake to the other. While Palau may not be one of the biggest destinations in the region, this lake is Palau’s huge destination, so don’t expect to be the only one swimming here.

One thing to keep in mind is that diving diving in the lake is not allowed. This is for two reasons: First, the bubbles from diving tanks can damage the jellyfish if they gather beneath their bell. Secondly, at about 15 meters below the surface, there are high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, which can be absorbed with the skin of a diver as well as cause death.

If you are looking to do something different, try going for a swim with a million jellyfish. most of the jellyfish in the world sting, as well as while they are lovely creatures, you can’t truly go swimming with them. Yet right here in Palau, nature provides you a possibility to get all tangled up without being stung. Don’t miss your chance!

How to see the Jellyfish Lake in Palau

Jellyfish Lake (Ongeim’l Tketau) is found on Eil Malk Island in Palau, which is part of the rock Islands. It’s about 45-minutes from Koror. A 10-day pass for swimming with the jellyfish is $100 USD, though this is not included in the cost of most tours.

If you’re looking to book a day tour (which is the simplest method to see the lake) expect to pay between $100-200 USD (plus the $100 permit). tours usually include other activities (such as swimming/snorkeling in other locations) in addition to Jellyfish Lake.

The closest location to depart from is Koror, which is serviced by Roman Tmetuchl worldwide flight terminal (Palau worldwide Airport).

Tickets from Australia will expense at least $500 USD for a one-way ticket, while tickets from new Zealand begin at $375 USD. If you’re coming from the Philippines, expect to spend at least $225 USD on a flight.

Wearing specific sunscreens is prohibited during your visit, as the chemicals will damage the ecosystem. If you do bring sunscreen, make sure it is eco-friendly.

5 F.A.Q about the Jellyfish Lake

How long should I plan to see the lake for?
While you might quickly spend a day right here (swimming with the jellyfish is not only fun however a when in a lifetime experience, after all!) usually a see for an hour to two will suffice.

What type of jellyfish are in Jellyfish Lake?
There are two kinds of jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake, golden jellyfish as well as Moon jellyfish — both of which cannot sting you.

Is Jellyfish Lake in Palau open?
As of 2019, Jellyfish Lake in Palau is available to the public.

Is it risk-free to swim with jellyfish?
It is extremely risk-free as the jellyfish don’t really sting. You just can’t dive deep right here (below 15 meters) as there is hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the lake, which is harmful.

Can har du solcreme med vandmændene?
Så længe din solcreme er miljøvenlig, kan du. Imidlertid er barske solcremer forbudt såvel som vil blive konfiskeret.

Book din rejse til Palau: logistiske tip såvel som tricks
Book din flyvning
Brug Skyscanner eller Momondo til at opdage en overkommelig flyvning. De er mine to foretrukne gennemse -motorer, da de gennemser websteder såvel som luftfartsselskaber over hele kloden, så du altid forstår, at der ikke er nogen sten, der ikke bliver vendt. Begynd med Skyscanner meget først, da de har den største rækkevidde!

Book din indkvartering
Du kan booke dit hostel med HostelWorld, da de har den største aktie såvel som fineste tilbud. Hvis du vil bo et andet sted end et vandrerhjem, skal du bruge Booking.com, da de konsekvent returnerer de billigste priser for gæstehuse såvel som overkommelige hoteller.

Undlad ikke at huske rejseforsikring
Rejseforsikringsdækning vil beskytte dig mod sygdom, skade, tyveri samt aflysninger. Det er omfattende sikkerhed i situationen, alt går galt. Jeg tager aldrig på en tur uden den, da jeg har været nødt til at bruge den mange gange i fortiden. Min foretrukne forretning, der tilbyder den allerbedste service såvel som værdi er:

Sikkerhedsfløj (for alle under 70)

Forsikre min rejse (for dem over 70)

Medjet (til ekstra repatrieringsdækning)

Leder du efter den allerbedste forretning for at spare penge med?
Tjek min ressourceside for den allerbedste forretning at bruge, når du rejser. Jeg viser alle dem, jeg bruger til at spare penge, når jeg er på vej. De sparer dig penge, når du også rejser.

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