Here’s our diy HANOI travel guide with suggestions on things to do, locations to visit, hotels to stay in, as well as a sample diy HANOI ITINERARY. We likewise included a breakdown of costs so you can appropriately budget plan for this trip.

Hanoi as well as I satisfied under horrible circumstances.

I shown up in Hanoi’s Old Quarter late at night after a intense 2f7-hour journey aboard what lots of backpackers phone call the bus from hell. say thanks to heavens I was traveling with Jo, a French lady I satisfied in Thailand, who ended up being my travel friend for the rest of my backpacking excursion across Southeast Asia. I was totally drained, desperately famished, as well as helplessly disoriented. however at least I wasn’t drained, famished, as well as disoriented alone. LOL.

We didn’t even have any type of hotel booking, so we hopped from one building to one more with 25-ish kilos on our backs, expecting vacancy. perhaps it was the exhaustion, perhaps it was the city’s restless spirit, perhaps both, however the whole ordeal was dizzying for me. I had been in the city for minutes however it seemed to be assaulting my senses relentlessly. many motorcycles breezed with the streets in a blur like it was nobody else’s business. Honking seemed to be a national sport. as well as curbside eateries filled the air with irresistible aroma that intensified my hunger. Hanoi, to a first-timer, can be daunting.

The next day, with renewed energy, I saw the Vietnamese funding differently. That’s the thing about Hanoi; it’s multi-dimensional. It scares you with scooter madness one minute, then you’re having the most kicking back stroll by the lake the next. You’re scammed in the morning, then you’re enjoying the most tasty affordable bowl of pho in the afternoon. Its appeal doesn’t strike; it creeps in, albeit very, extremely slowly.

Hvad er dækket i denne vejledning?

Hanoi: necessary travel Information
When is the very best Time to see Hanoi?
How to get to HanoiManila to Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi by Plane
Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi by Train
Hanoi flight terminal to City Center

Pocket Wifi Rental in Hanoi
Things to perform in HanoiHanoi City Tour
Hanoi Food Tour
Traditional Vietnamese cooking Class
Perfume Pagoda Day Tour
Lang Toi show (My village Show)
Thang long Water Puppet Show

Places to see in Hanoi
Northern Vietnam excursions from HanoiHa long Bay excursion from Hanoi
Sa Pa excursions from Hanoi
Ninh Binh Day excursion from Hanoi

Where to stay in HanoiTop Hanoi Hotels
Search for a lot more Hotels

Sample Hanoi Itinerary
Hanoi travel ideas for the bad Traveler
Frequently Asked QuestionsIs Hanoi safe?
What is the tipping policy in Hanoi?
Where to exchange money in Hanoi?
What is the power socket utilized in Hanoi?
Do I requirement a visa to see Vietnam?

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Hanoi: necessary travel Information

Hanoi is the funding of Vietnam. house to nearly 8 million residents, it is the country’s second largest city by population as well as has the second busiest airport. (Ho Chi Minh City is bigger in both counts.) Hanoi’s place in the north as well as rich transportation network make it an suitable very first stop on a multi-city journey across Vietnam or even Southeast Asia. It is a normal jump off point to rustic destinations like Ha long Bay, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, as well as Sa Pa.

Hanoi’s history is written around the city. For 800 years considering that 1010, it was the political center of Vietnam. however in 1873, the French conquered the city. In 1902, it was made the funding of French Indochina, made up of Vietnam, Cambodia, as well as Laos, which were all French colonial territories. You’ll see the French influence even to this day. A short walk across will show the city strongly embracing standard Vietnamese heritage, however the French imprints are undeniable. The Japanese took over the city for five years. In 1945, revolutionary leader Hồ Chí Minh proclaimed self-reliance from French Indochina as well as well established the democratic Republic of Vietnam, a lot more frequently understood as North Vietnam, with Hanoi soon declared as the capital. For over 20 years, North Vietnam was a separate specify from the south, up until they defeated the South in the Vietnam war in 1975. Hanoi ended up being the funding of the reunified Vietnam in 1976.

Today, Hanoi is one of the most quickly establishing cities not just in the Southeast Oriental region however in the world, as obvious in its infrastructure, industrial production, trade, as well as general GDP.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Other information you requirement to know:

Language: Vietnamese. In writing, the Latin or Roman script is utilized with extra diacritics for tones. English is comprehended as well as spoken in a lot of touristy places. Taxi as well as get hold of motorists speak restricted English, so it’s advisable to have the address of your destination written down to prevent confusion. a lot of street vendors speak or comprehend extremely bit English or none at all.

Currency: Vietnamese đồng (VND, ₫). VND 100,000 is around USD 4.27, EUR 3.76, SGD5.78, PHP 230 (as of August 2018). However, it is not uncommon for hotel as well as excursion operators to utilize us dollars.

Modes of payment: money is still king in Hanoi. utilize your credit score card sparingly. There are reports of hotels as well as shops stealing credit score card information. If you need to utilize your credit score card, do so for reliable hotels.

Safety: Being located along the so-called Banana Pancake backpacking trail, Hanoi as well as Vietnam in general are utilized to tourists. however scams can provide so much headache, particularly if this is your entry point. Taxi motorists as well as vendors are understood to overcharge foreigners. Sleight-of-hand as well as credit score card scams are likewise not unheard of.

Electricity Info: 220V, 50Hz. a lot of typical sockets are kind of a combination of types A as well as C. They have two holes that can accept both flat as well as round pins, the shape of two door knobs or rubber stamps dealing with each other. This type of socket can take plugs that are types A, C, as well as F. If your plug has three pins, you will be needing an adaptor.

When is the very best Time to see Hanoi?

March to April (spring) as well as October to November (autumn). These are the months when the temperatures are a lot of pleasurable as well as precipitation is low.

Hanoi experiences a warm damp subtropical climate with four unique seasons. summertime is from may to August, autumn from September to November, wintertime from December to February, as well as spring from March to April.

If you can assist it, the season you must prevent is summer. This is the most popular as well as wettest period of the year. Although the typical temperature is just around 30C, the mercury can soar to as high as scalding 40 in July. Rainfall numbers likewise increase considerably as soon as may kicks in as well as peaks in July.

Average temperature in wintertime (December to February) is only 18C, however it can get harsh. In 2016, the city recorded its lowest temperature in 40 years, plummeting to 5.4C. however it’s not a poor season for checking out as well as museum-hopping since walking around can quickly warm you up. This period is likewise the driest so you don’t requirement to concern about rain showers a lot of of the time.

How to get to Hanoi

Situated at the heart of the northern half of Vietnam, Hanoi is quite detached from other Southeast Oriental capitals or big metropoles. It is 33 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) by train as well as 27 hours from Luang Prabang by bus. Unless you’re on a larger backpacking journey across Vietnam as well as stopping in other cities in between, it is finest to fly.

Hanoi is served by Nội Bài worldwide flight terminal (HAN), the country’s largest flight terminal by capacity. It is a lot more frequently referred to as Hanoi Airport. found 35km north of the city, travel time is 45 minutes to an hour.

Manila to Hanoi

Cebu Pacific is the only airline that flies directly from the Philippines to Hanoi. If you book in advance, you can discover fares for as low as P3500, one-way.

Scoot uses affordable flights too, however it includes a layover in Singapore.

Below is a quick Traveloka flight search.

Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi by Plane

You can reach Hanoi from Saigon in three ways: by bus, by train, as well as by plane. I’m not even gonna go over the bus since it is sluggish as well as so uncomfortable, it’s nearly impossible to rest onboard.

Flying, of course, is the simplest as well as fastest. Both VietJet Air as well as Vietnam Airlines offer several flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. In general, VietJet Air’s late night flights are the least expensive at only 35USD one-way.

JetStar likewise brings passengers from Saigon to Hanoi for nearly the exact same cost however with a stop in Da Nang, prolonging the travel time to 4 hours 40 minutes.

Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi by Train

Ho Chi Minh City as well as Hanoi are over 1720 km apart. five Reunification reveal trains ply this route. travel time is 32 to 38 hours. Here’s the schedule:

Train SE2. Departs 21:44, shows up 05:30 (32h35)

Train SE4. Departs 19:45, shows up 04:50 (33h05)

Train SE6. Departs 09:00, shows up 19:58 (35h58)

Train SE8. Departs 06:00, shows up 15:33 (34h33)

The fares are dictated by the class. You may select to book a seat or a berth, if you want to be comfortable. right here are the normal rates:

Soft Seat: 907,000₫ (USD40, PHP2090)

Hard Berth: 1,265,000₫ (USD55, PHP2911)

Soft Berth: 1,423,000₫ (USD62, PHP3275)

If you book by means of travel agency, expect to be charged a bit more. To be safe, you can book by means of 12go, which is a Southeast Oriental bus as well as train booking app. You can utilize the browse box bElow eller klik her: Ho Chi Minh til Hanoi Train -billetter.

Asiatisk offentlig transport

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