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Kaulayaw Coffee, likewise understood as Kaulayaw Café or just Kaulayaw, is a rising homegrown dining as well as hangout location in Antipolo, Rizal. Throngs of locals as well as weekenders flock to the three-level building along Sumulong highway for the breathtaking views, astonishing sunset, as well as some great time.

“Kaulayaw” is a Tagalog word, meaning someone’s intimate companion, an apt moniker provided exactly how charming the configuration is. The founders developed the business around the core value of supporting regional farmers as well as suppliers, coming up with the tag line, “Ethically sourced, locally grown”.

And just like the place’s name, most of the products on the menu are named after Filipino nouns as well as adjectives including Makisig, Dalisay, Paraluman, Pagsamo, Sinta, Magayon, as well as Hiraya, among others.

If you are planning to include this in the itinerary for your Antipolo (road) trip, right here are a few of the things to understand before you go.

Hvad er dækket i denne vejledning?

What are the operating hours of Kaulayaw?
When is the very best time to visit?
Do I requirement a reservation?
How long is the waiting time for a table?
Are youngsters allowed?
How to get to Kaulayaw Coffee?
Is there a auto parking area?
Where is the very best area inside Kaulayaw?
What are the products on the menu?Food
Serbesa at Iba Pa

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Kaulayaw get in touch with Details
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What are the operating hours of Kaulayaw?

1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
mandag til fredag

7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday


The opening hours may change, particularly during these extraordinary times, so please inspect the Facebook page or get in touch with the administration before visiting.

To fit everybody on the waiting list, it may close earlier than usual on some days because of the long queue.

When is the very best time to visit?

Weekdays, late afternoon, in time for the sunset as well as dinner.

Here’s the view of the sunset when we visited.

View of Metro Manila from Kaulayaw Coffee at Sunset. picture by Vins Carlos.
Weekdays, since there has a tendency to be a surge of clients on weekends.

Late afternoon, since the view of the sunset right here is spectacular, to state the least. The cafe overlooks Metro Manila as well as the rich greenery in between. It’s likewise breathtaking under the sun as well as in the evening, however it is during the shift from day to night that it gets magical, when the setting sun paints the skies with pink, purple, as well as orange. This will let you appreciate the view during the day, at sunset, as well as at night.

That said, many clients are likewise after the exact same thing so expect more people.

If visiting on a weekend or holiday, are available in the morning, before lunchtime, as well as after lunchtime. By the way, Saturday night is acoustic night.

Do I requirement a reservation?

As of writing, Kaulayaw does not accept reservations.

Prior to our visit, we contacted them however were told that they only accept walk-ins.

We hope they reevaluate accepting reservations on peak days. more on that later.

How long is the waiting time for a table?

That depends upon the day as well as time of your visit.

The personnel mentioned that it usually doesn’t take long on weekdays, particularly on dead hours like 3 to 5pm. however if you see on a weekend, expect to wait long. In our case, we waited 1.5 hours. We visited on a Saturday, shown up at 4:30 pm, as well as we got seated at 6 pm.

Here’s exactly how to get a seat, based on our personal experience.

Upon arrival, approach the personnel by the door as well as get listed. On hectic days, expect to see a long queue. However, don’t mind the line yet. Go directly to the personnel as well as indication up. That’s the “queue” that matters. If you autumn in line very first as well as you don’t get listed, they will never phone call your name.

Once listed, wait on your name to be called. On lean days, this shouldn’t take as well long. however on weekends, this can take over an hour. utilize this idle time to utilize the restroom, inspect out the menu online, as well as fill out the forms. There are two waiting areas: one inside as well as one outside. The one outside is arranged like a queue, which is why first-timers promptly autumn in line without getting listed.

Once called, comply with the personnel to your assigned table. Kaulayaw is housed in a three-story building as well as each floor is quite wide. The personnel will ask you if you’re okay with the table. You can decline if you don’t like it, however you’ll wait a bit longer for the next table to free up. Note, however, that regardless of your table, you are free to approach the edge at any type of time for a much better view.

When we arrived, there was already a quite long queue developing in front of the building. There was a personnel member by the door. We fell in line as well as waited for our turn.

When we lastly reached the door after a long time of queueing, we realized that the physical queue does not matter at all. One has to get listed to be called. We didn’t understand this — there were no indications about this as well as the personnel never reminded the people on the line. We ended up waiting even longer.

We hope they reevaluate accepting reservations (even with an appointed length of time) on weekends as well as holidays, particularly during the pandemic. It’s just more effective as well as a great deal safer. This will prevent wasting customers’ time, crowding at the waiting area, as well as exposure.

Are youngsters allowed?

No. quoting the FB page statement published on January 13, “A gentle reminder, guests ages 15 as well as below are not enabled as well as will not be accepted in the cafe for everyone’s safety.”

While we were waiting, there was somebody who wished to dine however with youngsters as well as they were told that they might not accept them, so it is being implemented (at least when we were there).

How to get to Kaulayaw Coffee?

Kaulayaw Coffee is found at 23 Sumulong highway in Barangay Santa Cruz along Antipolo ridge.

From Manila, the most practical as well as safest choice is to go there by personal car. utilize Google Maps or Waze to guide you. one of the landmarks is Starbucks The Ridge, found near Kaulayaw on the exact same side of the road.

The location is likewise prominent among bikers/riders.

Is there a auto parking area?

Yes, however slots run out fast, especially on weekends.

We handled to get a auto parking slot at a vacant great deal between Kaulayaw as well as Starbucks. other cars and trucks parked in front of other establishments or on the side of the road. There are auto parking boys who will help you. auto parking charge is P50.

Where is the very best area inside Kaulayaw?

The better to the edge / balcony, the better.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much since regardless of which area you are seated in, you can still approach the edge of the balcony at any type of time while you’re there.

All three levels have open area areas that function as viewing decks. The very first level is under building when we visited, the second level has a balcony, as well as the third level appears like a veranda. We were seated on the third level against the wall opposite the viewing area, however we still enjoyed the view from our table.

View from our table. We were seated at the farthest corner however the view was still quite amazing.

What are the products on the menu?

Here’s the present menu of Kaulayaw Cafe.


Price Range: P225 – P280

Marikit (Tocino w/ Egg over Rice)

Matahum (Longganisa w/ Egg Over Rice)

Magayon (Tapa w/ Egg Over Rice)

Price Range: P245 – P700

Chicken Satay w/ Fried Egg & Peanut Sauce

Barbecue Pork Ribs w/ Fried Egg

Pan-seared Wagyu Cubes

Buttered Garlic Salmon Steak

Butter aged Ribeye Steak

Price Range: P195 – P250

Kalinaw (Aglio e Olio)

Paraluman (Carbonara)

Gunita (Salmon Pasta w/ Tomato cream Sauce)

Price Range: P95 – P150

Dalisay (Plain Cheese Tosti w/ Tomato Dip)

Mabini (Ham as well as Cheese Tosti w/ Tomato Dip)

Liwayway (Bacon as well as Egg Pancake Sandwich)

Price Range: P155 – P290

Padayon (Baguette w/ Spinach Dip)

Katipan (Kaya toast as well as Soft-Boiled Egg)

Marahuyo (Toast w/ Cashew Butter, Berries, as well as Chia Seeds w/ Yogurt as well as Cream)

Makisig (Eggs on toast topped w/ Beef Tapa, Radish, as well as Dill)

Kinaiya (Toast w/ Herb Avocado topped w/ Egg, Dill, as well as Tomatoes)

Price Range: P145 – P190

Kundiman (American Pancake)

Sinta (Roti Pancake w/ Banana)

Harana (Okonomiyaki)

Price Range: P55 – P300


Cheese Roll


(Breakfast Platter: Fried Eggs, Beans, Sausage, Bacon, Pancake, as well as Tomatoes)

Price Range: P185 – P400

Bayanihan (Premium Fries)

Silakbo (Cashew Nuts)

Maharlika (Chicken Satay)

Bahaghari (Nachos Supreme)

Pahimakas (Fish & Chips)

Pagsamo (Sisig)

Alpas (Buffalo poultry Wings)


For the coffee selection, they have brewed (classic & premium), hot, iced, as well as drip. regional coffee beans utilized include the following:

Benguet Beans

Sagada Beans

Saranggani Beans

Matutum Beans

Kaulayaw special Beans

For non-coffee drinkers, tea as well as choco tablea are offered too. You may likewise select to put additional whip cream as well as syrup (hazelnut, roasted almond, toffee nut, as well as Irish cream).


Brewed: P119 – P140

Hot: P99 – P160

Barista Special: P179

Drip: P79 – P90

Serbesa at Iba Pa

One of the things I like right here is that they serve traditional as well as flavored Kombucha, fermented black or eco-friendly tea, as well as regional craft beers. Yay! TequiLA, Whisky, såvel som italienske vine tilbydes også; Men de tilbydes pr. Flaske.

Pris: P179 / flaske (350ml)


Ingefær såvel som citron

Hibiscus Blueberry.


Lokal Craft Beer.
Prisklasse: P148 – P180

Alcalde Pale Ale

Crazy Carabao.
(Golden Ale, Pilsner, Hvede, såvel som Pale Ale)

Nipa brew.
(Tropisk Haze, Sun Stoked, Bliss Point, samt Reducer Zone)


Pr. Flaske

Italienske vine: P890 – P1000

Tequila: P1,480 – P1,900

Whisky: P1480 – P3.000

Vil du foreslå det?

For visningen, ja!

For øl såvel som Kombucha, er det en mere faktisk for os. Vi bestilte Ginger samt Lemon Kombucha, Hibiscus Blueberry Kombucha, samt Alcalde Pale Ale.

Hvad angår den bryggede kaffe, nød Vins sin Hot Kaulayaw specialblanding (medium stege).

Fødevarer er dog en historie. Vi bestilte Alpas (Buffalo Poultry Wings), Fjerkræ Satay med stegt æg & peanut sauce, grill svinekød ribben med stegt æg samt Bahaghari (Nachos Supreme). Selvom de var velsmagende, kunne meget af det, der blev serveret til os, udnytte nogle mere madlavningstid, især fjerkrævingerne. Enhver form for anden tid, vi ville have sendt dem tilbage til køkkenområdet, der skal koges længere, men vi løb tør for tid. Det var potentielt bare en engangs såvel som vi var bare uheldig. Det var ikke så meget af et problem for os, da vi ikke var der for maden, til at begynde med.

Men kom til udsigten såvel som drikkevarer! Jeg vil gerne vende tilbage såvel som bringe et par af mine andre venner.

Kaulayaw kommer i kontakt med detaljer

Mobilnummer: 0917 690 2582

E-mail-adresse: kaulayawcoffee@gmail.com

Officiel FB Side: Kaulayaw kaffe

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